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Mandalay Homes, a homebuilder in Arizona, is breaking ground on a 2,900 home community that will make a zero-cost electric bill a standard feature, without costing the homeowner extra money. Mandalay CEO, Dave Everson, says AeroBarrier is the catalyst to making a zero-cost electric bill possible, stating, “Sure solar and energy storage are key energy features to zero, but the only way we can scale zero energy homes, is by reducing energy demand, and this is accomplished by tightly sealing the house envelope with AeroBarrier.”

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Anthony Maschmedt, CEO of Dwell Development, says, "The number one obstacle to achieving multifamily Passive House certification levels is the strict leakage requirement for the whole building and for each unit (compartmentalization). Our standard envelope is very good, and barely misses Passive House requirements for leakage. Getting to Passive House requirements has been cost prohibitive, but not anymore." What is Maschmedt referring to? As of January 2018, advanced envelope sealing technology was launched by AeroBarrier, a GreenGuard Gold certified mist, that seals holes the eye cannot see, and allows builders and developers to achieve Passive House leakage requirements or better, and do so quickly, easily, and without disruption to the construction schedule.

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When using AeroBarrier, it helps create an energy efficient building with improved comfort. This is a selling feature to tenants, and helps lower energy bills.

With improved air sealing, AeroBarrier helps hospitals control germs and improve a sanitized facility.

Along with good mechanical and duct design, and improved filtration, AeroBarrier helps improve building health.

In addition to lowering energy demand, AeroBarrier sealed buildings improve occupant comfort and sound barriers.