America’s Top Builders Are Calling AeroBarrier The Most Innovative Product of The Decade


AeroBarrier officially launched in January 2018, after five years of research and development at the University of California, Davis.  Immediately, some of America’s most innovative builders embraced the technology.

Zero energy in Arizona

Mandalay Homes, a homebuilder in Arizona, is breaking ground on a 2,900 home community that will make a zero-cost electric bill a standard feature, without costing the homeowner extra money.  This will be accomplished by using only 14 solar panels on each house.  Compare this to the average American new home, which requires 60 solar panels to achieve a zero electric bill, and a cost difference of nearly $37,000 dollars.

Mandalay CEO, Dave Everson, says AeroBarrier is the catalyst to making a zero-cost electric bill possible, stating, “Sure solar and energy storage are key energy features to zero, but the only way we can scale zero energy homes, is by reducing energy demand, and this is accomplished by tightly sealing the house envelope.  By using AeroBarrier, it reduces energy demand, making zero energy homes financially feasibleon a grand scale.”

Mandalay Homes is a seven-time award recipient for innovation by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Zero energy in Seattle

Dwell Development is the four-time innovation award recipient from the U.S. Department of Energy.   Targeting infill lots, Dwell builds homes with high attention to detail, using innovative products and sustainable construction strategies.  Dwell Principal, Anthony Maschmedt says, “Aerobarrier is the most innovative energy product from the past decade.  We will use it on all of our homes.”

The New American Home 2018

Each year, homebuilders from around the world converge onto the International Builders’ Show (IBS).  A popular attraction is The New American Home (TNAH), which features the latest in homebuilding technology.  This year’s home featured AeroBarrier.   AeroBarrier was instrumental in TNAH achieve a HERS Index of 45, LEED Platinum certification, NGBS Emerald Certification, and meeting the requirements for DOE ZERH certification.

IBS 2018: AeroBarrier is the Most Innovative Building Product

Each year, one building product receives the IBS award for innovation.  This year, IBS recognized AeroBarrier with the top honor for most innovative building product and Best in Show.   AeroBarrier was selected from 324 products, and 60 finalists.

Key details about AeroBarrier

Why are the most innovative builders in a rush to adopt AeroBarrier?  Key motivators include:

No disruption to construction schedule. AeroBarrier is easy to apply, taking less than five hours.

  1. Labor savings. With AeroBarrier, there is no need for a caulk gun and man-hours needed for such application.
  2. Free from workmanship error. AeroBarrier is applied by pressurizing the area, and controlled from the ease of a computer.   The computer monitors the reduced leakage in real-time.
  3. As energy codes get stricter, leakage requirements get stricter. AeroBarrier makes it easy to meet or beat the most stringent leakage requirements, including LEED, Passive House, ENERGY STAR, ZERH, and the 
2015 IECC.
  4. Building health and compartmentalization. AeroBarrier is GREENGUARD Gold certified.  Furthermore, with reduced leakage of a building area, health is improved by controlling particulates.  For multi-family buildings, AeroBarrier achieves compartmentalization requirements with ease.

About AeroBarrier

AeroBarrier was developed at University of California, Davis, where it received four years of research and development.  In 2017, AeroBarrier launched in beta, with its first use on projects that qualify for the DOE’s ZERH program.  AeroBarrier is instrumental for single and multi-family projects targeting the performance requirements of LEED, ZERH, Passive House, and the 2015 IECC or better.

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